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This is a Focused, Highly-Trainable “Rookie” You Better Keep An Eye On

I recently receive an email that stood out to me. Tre is a “rookie” to new homes sales. I’ve worked with…

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An Astonishing Observation About Underperforming New Home Sales Operations

It’s a fact! Most homebuilder sales operations are currently under producing by at least 20% (or more). We can help you fix it, GUARANTEED.

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Article by i-NHSS Partner, Glen Trotta

i-NHSS has formed an exclusive, dynamic collaboration with Glen Trotta and his Worldwide Realty Network to provide strategic, homebuilder-specific marketing and…

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2016 Was A Very Good Year—Or Was It?

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time for some crystal-ball gazing and best advice for next year Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor   “It…

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Are Co-Op Sales Worth It?

They can be a silent profit leak, but there are also good reasons to make co-op sales work Bob Schultz, Contributing…

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Bob Speaks About Human Performance Unleashed

Human Performance Unleashed: The Event August 1-4, 2016 • Fort Worth, Texas REGISTER TODAY.Use Promo code “BOBUNLEASHED” for 25% off (Limited…

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Value Added Services – Quick Look

How do you separate yourself from the herd and become the Realtor of Choice for top home builders & developers in…

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Bob Schultz Speaking at Human Performance Unleashed

“Increase business profits through your people.” This 4-day seminar is designed to help you master your leadership skills in sales, management,…

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What Realtors Need To Do To Capture The Builder Market

A new home sales division is a great opportunity — a residual revenue opportunity with self-perpetuating chances to sell new homes!…

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Do You Know Your BreakEven Point?

To meet sales, marketing, and profit objectives, a firm grasp on a precise number isn’t just a good idea—it’s essential. Bob…

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