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Market Research–Keep It Current

For optimal sales and profit performance, market research can’t simply be a one-time effort By Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor  March 18,…

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Market Research: The Foundation Of Your Marketing Circle

Take these steps to match consumer expectations with what you have to offer Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor January 30, 2015 In…

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Sales & Marketing: Begin 2015 With The End In Mind

Bob Schultz shares how builders can built profitable and sustained growth in the New Year Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor A Marketing…

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Articles Published in 2014 Below

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Sales And Marketing: Is Your Marketing Working?

Find the appropiate mix of traditional marketing and new media by measuring the results and adjusting accordingly. Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor…

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Selling Effectively In Multiple Languages Requires More Than Just “Translation”.

In today’s multi-cultural society, many of us are conducting new home sales presentations in foreign languages.  But are we fully leveraging…

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New Home Sales: Square Feet Not Created Equal

Your sales team should market the true value of your homes from the outside in. Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor November 07,…

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New Home Sales: How It All Comes Together

Profit management requires constant focus and proactive involvement to know the cost and to analyze the results of your marketing expenditures….

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Protect Your Team – Security in the Sales Office

Protect Your Team – Security in the Sales Office   Recently an Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter vanished while showing…

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i-NHSS goes to Canada to work with the largest housing development

This week, Bob Schultz and i-NHSS traveled to Canada to work with the largest housing development company in Quebec: Junic…

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